How to Become a Good Parent

This articles throws light on two very elementary things that all parents should adapt while upbringing their child and they would start seeing the change in their kids almost instantly. Child is too little to understand what is good for him it is totally parent’s responsibility to handhold and set a direction for the child. Some parents fail to realize the same and don’t handle their task of parenting bestowed by the God in the fashion they should do. After reading this article they would certainly change and would shoulder parenting responsibility with more love and passion.

“Art of parenting “begins with the letter “L” and not “A”. L stands for love, showing love to the child is of paramount importance. Child should breathe in love, feed on love. As early a child learns the language of love, he will start reciprocating the same to the outside world.
Now as parents, we should ask a question to ourselves - Are we practising the same? When the toddler makes excessive noise or throws a thing down, we get irritated and we show him our displeasure either by scolding or by showing aggressive gestures. Again we should ask ourselves a question, Is that correct? We fail to realize that child is bound to act in that manner and even we would have also done the same when we were at that age.

Have we ever thought about the pain the tender heart of child would go through when he is shown such behaviour for a reason which even he does not comprehend.

Knowingly or unknowingly we are feeding the language of anger, the language of aggression which would be visible in him sooner or later in some form or the other.

Now the point to ponder upon is that then how we should have handled such a situation. And the answer is pretty simple just by kissing & hugging him, distracting him from what he is doing and engaging him into some other activity. We should not be thinking of instilling discipline in the child while he is toddler rather we should enjoy and cherish his little naughty activities. We should play with him; attend to his little needs of security and bonding.

One should not forget the fact that, we are the mirror for our children if we sow the seeds of love, outside world would see the same in our child and if we would sow the seed of anger and violence that would be visible in him.

The second most important thing to remember is to stop saying “Don’t” & “No”. We very frequently use these words with kids and children. Don’t do this or Don’t do that, so on & so forth. However what we overlook is to tell ‘what to do’. Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose a kid is spending too much of time watching television and we feel that is not correct. We tell the kid, “Don’t watch so much of T.V.

 Here, we fail to understand the fact that children have boundless energy and they would always like to keep themselves busy in something or the other. Now rather than objecting them for not doing something we should channelize their energy into something that is constructive and good for them. We should encourage them to join some hobby classes like dance, music or drawing where they can nurture their talent, which will eventually help them even when they become adults.

To conclude, it’s the parents’ responsibility to ensure that child is treated with love and affection and we should lead this by example by behaving with everyone around us with respect, fairness, love and affection so our children can also learn the same. Secondly we should utilize their energy in the right direction so that they can lead a successful, contented and meaningful life.

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